The Virtual Highland Cattle Show

Class 12- Heifer, 24 months and under 36 months


 No: 12012020

DOB: 11/04/2018

No: 12022020

DOB: 25/03/2018

 No: 12032020

DOB: 8/4/2018


DOB: 3/06/2018

No: 12052020

DOB: 10/05/2018

No: 12062020

DOB: 17/03/2018


DOB: 22/05/2018


Proudly hosted by

Highland Cattle Breeders Group


A Social Group of Tradional Highland Cattle Breeders on Face Book

Disclaimer: The Virtual Highland cattle Show is a stand alone show that is not associated with any single fold or Society, and will not allow animals that are polled or minatures to participate.

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