The Virtual Highland Cattle Show 2018


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All entries close the 2nd of October Thank You


Our Judge for 2018

Dexter Logan


 Dexter's passion for Highland cattlebegan as soon as he could walk, and has not wavered since. Continuing the family intrest in the breed, Dexter keeps his Fold Blair Logan on the 62 adre farm at Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

The Fold began in 1990 when his parents Kelso and Alison, brought their first pedigree calf at Oban.

Chief calf handler as a young boy, Dexter took over the Fold when his Father died when he was 14. In the same yeear, Dexter claimed the Supreme Breed Champion at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Dexter has gone on to collect many accolades in the show ring and now puts his knowledge and experience into judging. As part of the UK Society elite panel of judges, we look forward to him casting an eye over the Highland Cattle Breeders around the World as he takes on this challenge....


 This year we have a single judge. Every year there has been confusion at time and differences of opinon on winners and place getters. For that reason it is hoped we have a smoother running of the event and quicker results for those waiting to see how well they have done in the individual classes...




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Disclaimer: The Virtual Highland cattle Show is a stand alone show that is not associated with any single fold, and will not allow animals that are polled or minatures to participate.


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