TheVirtual Highland Cattle Show 2020

In this unusual year, our two judges from Europe and Australia have accepted the

challenge to select the best animals in each class.

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Judge for all Female classes

 Charlotte Aina Skou


I live in Denmark on a farm with my husband Ole and their two gun dogs. We have been breeding Highland Cattle since the year 2000 under the farm name Nordgaard. Over the years our herd has been varied between 20 and 40 heads.
We started out with some good pedigree animals and have supplemented with semen and embryo transfer from abroad to get new genetics of high quality. One superior ET-Bull, Nordgaards Cicero, has been stock bull for 13 years now and has been around in many Danish herds to spread his genes. Over the years a lot of breeding animals have been sold and every year a couple of young bulls have been rented out for small herds without their own stock bull, or someone who just wanted new genes.
Ole and myself have been regular guests at the major cattle shows in Denmark from 2003 and until recently. During the years the herd has taken a lot of trophies and titles and in 2010 their Stock bull Nordgaards Cicero was Champion Bull on the Virtual Show. That was 10 years ago, but Cicero has real sturdy bull, and is still going strong. This year he will service the cows once again this summer beside his job as a professional landscaper.
The last couple of years the focus has been on producing excellent beef. Living close to Copenhagen there is a growing demand for tender beef produced as grass fed and with a high degree of animal welfare. All beef that is sold is privately and always with a label with a name and a photo of the animal in the bag.
Charlotte has been involved in the Danish Highland Cattle Society for many years both as chairman of the breeding committee and as chairman of the Society. I am also responsible for the Danish Highland Cattle website, the "Scotshop" and editor of Highland Nyt, a member magazine that comes out 3 times a year.

Charlotte Aina Skou
Nordgaard Farm

Judge for all Bulls and Novelty classes.


Glen Hastie


I have been breeding Highland cattle since 1996. Our property is in Gisborne South, just outside of Melbourne, in southern Australia. We run around 20 Highland breeders and do a lot of artificial insemination and embryo transfer to help widen the genetic pool and improve the quality of the Highland breed in Australia. My partner, Bree, and I have also recently started dabbling in Highland Ponies, to keep the Scottish theme going.

Having judged shows in Australia and New Zealand with cattle on the move, I look forward to taking my time over the still photos that make up Virtual Show entries. I have shown other beef breeds (for other people), dairy cattle and even our Highland ponies, and have visited Highland folds in the UK, New Zealand, USA and Canada, but I must say, there are no more genuine and open people in the world than Highland cattle breeders. While I love and am devoted to the breed, but I am probably only still involved with Highlands to the level I am because of the people they attract.

Besides my Scottish heritage, my love for the breed stems from the fact that they are naturally free-moving, correct beasts that live long and healthy lives, continuing to produce calves for at least twice as long as more commercial, "manipulated" cattle breeds. Being a part time farmer, I also love that Highland cattle are low maintenance, and the most inquisitive and docile breed I have come across - a much welcomed trait by my children who have grown up with them, and the many, many visitors we have at the farm. Our intrigue with the breed has recently taken my partner, Bree, to develop a gentle, modern method of breaking in cattle which sees them more trusting yet still respectful, as well as able to be haltered in the paddock.

We sell stud females and an occasional stud bull, as well as semen and embryos within Australia and overseas. For the last 24 years, we have produced beef from steers, heifers, cull bulls and cows that we sell privately under our own label. We also sell hides all over the world (several going back home to Edinburgh!). When all is said and done, irrespective of why any of us chose the breed in the first place, the future of Highlands is strong only if we eat them.

I am a firm believer in preserving the history and integrity of this extraordinary breed. Accepting that Highland cattle will never be truly commercial, they do have multiple avenues for income, most significantly their seriously tender and flavoursome beef. For the last few hundred years, they have been a bred as an adaptable beef breed and are unique purely from the stand point that "... we have not mucked them up yet!", as one prominent judge and Angus breeder mentioned to me many years ago.

Glen Hastie
Bairnsley Highlands





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