The Australian Virtual Highland Cattle Show

Rules of the Virtual Show 2021

1. The competition is meant to be fun!

2. This is the Highland Cattle Virtual Show

3. The Virtual Show shall be sole arbiter of the entries. The Highland Breeders Group reserves the right to reject any entry and its decision in this respect will be final and may not be appealed.

4. Entries are invited from Highland Cattle owners who are members of all Highland Cattle Society.

5. The competition shall be limited to 10 (ten)entries per Fold/Member per exhibitor. No substitute photo will be changed after entry has been put on theVirtual show web page..

6. The exhibitor must be the owner of any animal entered in Classes 1-17.

7. There will be no entry fee, but would ask that you approach your parent Highland Society to sponsor a class with a sash. All Breed society sponsors in the cattle industries are welcome. Some limited page advertising will be available and monies used to provide more ribbons and/trophies for winners.

8. To enter, exhibitors must complete an entry form for each entry and submit this, along with a photograph of the exhibit, to the Highland Breeders Group Virtual Show Organiser. The closing date of this competition is 1st October 2020.

9. Each animal/photograph entered in Classes 1-17 must be identified as follows: Class No. Entered, Animal's Name, Registration/Identity No., Country of Registration, Date of Birth and Name of Sire and Dam. If the entry is female, it must also be identified as to whether open, bred or with calf at foot; if with calf at foot, the age of the calf when the photo was taken must be stated. The Exhibitor's Name, Farm/Fold Name, Address and other contact details must also be provided with each entry. The age will be taken up to the 1st of October 2023.

11. Any animal entered in Classes 1-17 must be Fully imported bloodlines or Registered Purebred Highland, registered in the exhibitor's national herd registry book. It must be alive and currently in the ownership of the exhibitor.

12. The animal must be certified (by the exhibitor) as eligible for the class in which it is entered.

13. The exhibitor certifies that the animal represented in the photograph submitted with the entry is in fact the animal to which the details provided in the entry (as at clause 11 above) apply.

14. Photographs of animals entered in Classes 1-19 must have been taken in the year 2023, with a side on view preferred. Photographs taken at shows, or with ribbons/rosettes on, may not be submitted to avoid bias or identification of the entry as to country of origin or owner. There must be no people in the photograph.

15. The photographs entered in Classes 1- 11may be taken by a professional photographer but, if so, this must be disclosed by the exhibitor on the entry form. Copyright must be respected, and the judges will be trying to assess the animal not the photographs.

16. Photographs must not have been digitally enhanced.

17. Details of exhibits entered in Classes 1-11, other than date of birth and, if female, status (open, bred, calf at foot) and age of calf at foot, will not be made available on the website or to the judging panel until all judging is completed. Website links to exhibits (where purchased) will not be established until after the completion of judging.

18. Exhibitors (all Classes) may submit entry forms and photographs by by email. Where photographs are submitted they must be in jpg format, no greater than 150 dpi.s will adjudicate. The decision of the judging panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

20 The following special provisions apply to entries in Classes 18, to 22 only:

21. The person submitting the entry must be the person who took the photograph and photographs must be original. In making the entry, the exhibitor warrants that he/she was the person who took the original photograph.

22. The photograph entered must feature Highland cattle/calves; it should not depict people or other animals. It may be funny, cute, fascinating, entertaining, interesting, or simply a beautiful representation of Highland cattle in their element - you choose the class that best represents.

23. The Highland Cattle Breeders Group reserves the right to reject any entry in this Class if, its opinion, the subject matter is inappropriate for entry in the Class, is inappropriate for publication on its website or if it its publication would do harm to the name of the Highland Cattle Breeders Group or in any way damage the reputation of the breed.

22. In submitting an entry in any Class of this competition, the exhibitor authorises the Highland Cattle Breeders Group to publish the photograph corresponding to that entry on the Highland Cattle Breeders Group website and to use/publish the photograph in any subsequent Highland Cattle Breeders Group promotional material or activities. If used by the Highland Cattle Breeders Group in this way outside the competition, the source of the photograph will be appropriately acknowledged as to source.


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